Wayne Snow

Kairos University

Supervisors: Susan Stewart, LMFT & Scott Bonk, LMFT

Healthy relationships with others and the self are foundational to a fulfilling life and future. My approach to therapy reflects that belief. As a Marriage and Family Therapist pursuing licensure, I use evidence-based techniques and interventions drawing from a systems-based approach to therapy to create a safe and non-judgmental space for you to explore your own life experiences.

I work with adolescents, couples, single parents, and families experiencing anxiety, depression, grief/loss, family adjustments/transitions, and trauma. Together we will create a renewed sense of connection and equip you with skills to navigate your past, present, and desired future. 

Before my therapist journey, I worked for 12 years overseas with a community development organization that focused on holistic approaches to creating flourishing communities. My passion for helping others become their best led me through incredible experiences across several nations and into the lives of countless individuals, granting me a wealth of perspectives and insights due to the generosity of others sharing their stories with me and allowing me to walk with them through their most difficult moments. I would love to walk with you.