About EtowahCS

Etowah Counseling was founded by Dr. Chris Bruton to offer exceptional and professional counseling services to people and families in need. Serving clients from as far as Calhoun, Kennesaw, Marietta, and Rome, Etowah Counseling sits in a secluded location in downtown Cartersville, Georgia. Etowah’s goal is to promote mental-health and well-being to the people we serve and assist them in establishing and meeting their goals.

A Member of the Community

In addition, Etowah Counseling seeks to support the community as a whole by working to fight the negative stigma of mental-health counseling and work  to encourage members of our community and the community at-large to recognize the benefits of therapy while resourcing and connecting them with the services that can best help them reach their goals. Through working with multiple organizations and nonprofits, the therapists at Etowah Counseling work to see the people of North Georgia become more informed about mental health and encouraged to seek the services they believe can help.

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