At Etowah Counseling, we strive to give you value in the therapeutic process. Our therapists have their own out-of-pocket costs, and some can operate on a sliding-scale. Most therapists can bill your insurance company to keep our out-of-pocket costs low. To keep things as affordable as possible, most therapists can accept your HSA cards, if applicable.


A lot of clients want to use their health insurance when seeking therapy. Etowah Counseling accepts most major insurances. Please note that insurance companies require an official diagnosis in order to accept insurance claims. Your therapist is required to document an official diagnosis for any client using health insurance in the payment process.

We're Here To Guide You

Navigating insurance can be tricky. Please know that not all insurance plans are created equal. Based on your insurance policy, you may be responsible for an insurance copay or coinsurance. In situations of coinsurance, you are responsible for the full cost of each session until you reach your deductible, at which point you would only be responsible for a small portion of the cost until that policy expires (often at the end of the calendar year). HSA accounts can be used to absorb some of these costs. Your therapist can assist you with your insurance questions and help you find the right payment solution for you. Contact us today to see if Etowah Counseling accepts your insurance policy.