Christopher Bruton, PhD, LPC

My desire to help others has taken me from being a high school math teacher, to living and serving in Uganda, to working in child development, and now owning my own private practice. Through it all, I’ve learned that I love serving people, watching them grow, and helping them meet their goals. I’ve discovered that if I can help people process their past, become more self-informed and self-aware, and learn how to care for themselves and their heart, they can transform their life and show up with integrity towards the best version of themselves.

I am married to Bobbie, my encourager and friend, who is still the most beautiful soul I have ever met. I strive to demonstrate the servant spirit she portrays so effortlessly and to see the best in the people she encounters. I have three sons, Ellis, Daniel, and Asher, who are my joy and my adventure. We are a mess and are imperfect, but we love and strive to celebrate one another. Together, we are trying to figure out this thing called life and consistently show up as the people we desire to be.

How I Started

From counseling at youth camps as a college student, to opening a successful private practice, the past 19 years of my life has been dedicated to helping others. As a former teacher, I sought a more therapeutic tools for counseling individuals that led me to obtain a doctorate degree in the counseling field from the University of Georgia. In 2013, I founded my counseling practice, now know as Etowah Counseling Services.

With years of counseling experience, I have helped my clients courageously face their obstacles and meet their therapeutic goals. Entering the counseling relationship with integrity, empathy, and expertise, I am excited to continue helping others create more harmonious lives.