Elia Lopez, LPC

As a bilingual therapist, I have the privilege to hear multicultural stories that are filled with different perspective of life. I believe in the power of storytelling and conversation of change, as a therapist, I see myself as the editor to your story by listening, empathizing, validating your perspective while providing a safe and a non-judgmental space to be yourself. I enjoy working with adults, couples, and single parents who are wanting and ready to redefine mental and emotional balance in their life by identifying the core issues that has motivated them to seek help. I work with issues such life transitions, relationship, emotional regulation, generational/ multicultural, feeling stuck & letting go, even “Burdenism” (feeling like a burden). For me, the therapeutic space is an oasis for emotional expression of life experiences where a new sense of perspective can fill you with a sense of clarity for change. I am humbled to be part of your experience in finding purpose, worthiness, and self-love while prioritizing yourself as a human being. In addition to helping people therapeutically, I am also passionate about de-stigmatizing the idea of “CRAZY” when asking for help for mental health needs within the Latin-X community. Part of this process is educating by having a conversation with the community through different platforms such as speaking engagements, social media, or simply talking to someone I come across. Stories are part of being human, we are all authors writing experiences that have shaped who we are genuinely, just like an artist who paints their life as they see fit by messing up and start all over again, so is editing to re-defining who you want to be, is part of the process to human exploration and self-evolution, SO tell your story because it deserves to be heard.