Field Notes for the Human Experience


For years I’ve wanted to find a way to combine my experience and desire to counsel and help others with my love of writing????. I’ve racked my brain for almost two years, stuck in a rut of creativity, penning words here or there, but failing to find direction for my writing.

I love the outdoors ????, although my younger self was more willing to partake in its adventure than the older, busier version speaking to you now. Regardless, these experiences and memories are part of my soul, and for this reason, have become the inspiration for a framework to talk about mental health ????. I have always loved those Field Notes notebooks ????. I was captivated by the bold font, the simple layout, rustic charm, and the blank spaces to doodle and write. These notebooks gave me dreams of a different life, spent in the wild, sketching wildlife, writing thoughts, and living a life of someone from National Geographic⛰. They inspired my own journaling, and now a framework for this space.

So why are we here? I’ve learned over my years in the mental health field that our human condition, our experience, is the greatest adventure. I’ve been blessed to work with hundreds of people who have let me into their lives and allowed me to learn of their journey. I’ve seem joy and sadness, contentment and anxiety, peace and depression, love and hate. All have left me with a concept of the human experience and a lot of lessons learned from self-reflection.

This space is for people living out their experience, whether they are conscious of it or not, seeking connection, seeking belonging, seeking themselves ????. I want to share lessons from my own self-reflection and the way it’s shaped my understanding of the human condition. I will not pretend to be the individual with all the answers, but my flawed experiences have a story, a story I want to tell.

I want to share this space with you as we flesh out contentment, our belonging, and the journey to the center of ourselves. I hope you tag along. We are in this story together, whether we realize it or not. Let’s learn from each other. See you soon.

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